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Tree bark powder

Tree bark powder

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🌿🌱 Dorwest Herbs Tree bark powder 🌱🌿

Smells like chicken soup for one yum! Is the best thing around for upset stomachs! Also known as slippery elm, this wonderful powder helps with upset stomachs, gastrointestinal issues and acid reflux!

It coats and soothe the the digestive tract, helps to support the absorption of nutrients, firming stools! Its easily digestible, simply by mixing with water it turns into a paste or slightly runnier with more water, or simply sprinkle over food.

Suitable for all ages, from puppies to seniors.

1 tsp per 10k of body weight, the 100g tub will last a long time and is a cupboard staple for me and will always be part of my first aid box.

I cant recommend this product enough!

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